Studio Rules

Welcome to the studio,

We are excited to have you and see what you create! Your session time starts from the moment, the first person of your crew comes into the studio and ends when the last person of your crew leaves the studio. *** (The time you need to set-up is part of your session. Please consider the time needed for set-up/prep when booking).

Studio must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the rental period.

The equipment/ furniture must be arranged to the approximate previous positions.

Please do the following:

Sweep and spot mop (swiffer) as needed.

Please dispose of trash (NO diapers, or food that spoil in the trash).

If the studio requires additional cleaning after Renter’s session, or there are any hard-to-clean material (e.g. glitter, oils, spills, confetti, make up, etc) left anywhere in the studio after Renter’s session,  Renter will be charged a $50 cleaning fee*

Only 1 photographer per hourly rental, multiple photographers allowed by approval for half day and full day rentals (workshop styles shoots, etc.)

If you arrive and the studio is not cleaned, please notify us before you start your session, so the space can be evaluated and the issue taken care of.

Thank you for respecting the rules and make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

Instagram: @the5thfloor_ut

Facebook: @the5thfloorutah