Stacie Larsen will be 1:1 with you to teach the following classes: Intro to photography, Intermediate, and a mentor session.

Intro to photography:

Did you get a new camera this year? Have you had a camera for a year and still haven't quite figured it out? Education 101 is part one of two education classes being held. If you are still shooting in Auto, or just haven't had the connection with your camera that you expected, this class is for you.

We will go over your camera in a hands on way.

We will talk about different functions and help you start to understand the basics of shooting in Manual Mode.

Do you feel ok about your camera, and shooting in Manual, but just haven't got the shots you are looking for? You can skip this class and join The Shoot and Edit Event instead.

The cost of the Intro to photography class is $60.

Email to register!


If you are comfortable with your gear and just need that next step and "ahh-ha" moment, this is the class for you. There will be 3 parts we will cover in this 3 hour workshop. This will be a hands on learning environment with a natural light studio setup and an outside natural lighting set up. There will be the opportunity to shoot 2 set ups and then a brief import, edit and export with Lightroom portion. The goal of this workshop is to teach you the difference in camera body set ups, lens set ups and lighting. At the end of this portion of the workshop you can sign up for one-on-one sessions to go into more on shooting or more training in Lightroom.

The cost of this workshop is $200.

Email to register!

Mentor session: If you really want to take thing to the next level this mentor session is perfect for you! This class is similar to the intermediate class, but  more in depth. It consist of a 1:1 session taught by Stacie Larsen photo and film showing you how to work a shoot from start to finish. We set up a small styles shoot designed to speak to your target audience. During the session we will both shoot, you are able to watch me shoot, and interact with the clients as well, learn how I pose and guide couples naturally through a one hour session, ask any technical / lighting questions, and after it’s over we can spend an hour of post-work and editing flow. The cost of of this workshop is $350.