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Thank you for booking The 5th Floor Studio!

Studio Information & Rules:

ALL furniture must be put back to the original place before you leave. Please do NOT drag the furniture, it ruins the floors and damages the furniture. The photo booth wall CANNOT be moved. You may use it where it is at, but cannot move it. The reason being is we have had our hanging lights and chandeliers get broken from it being moved around. If you move it, your ability to book the studio again may get revoked. 

Parking- Parking can be found to the south of the building under the wooden arch. Additional parking can be found in the parking garage across the street or in The Junction. 

Building Entrance- Enter the building on the east side and head up to the 5th floor. 

How to get in- The key can be found in the lockbox located outside the main doors mounted on the wall ot the left. The code is 3608. Once the doors are unlocked please disarm the alarm system. The security alarm is located in the kitchen & the disarm code is 5022.

Studio Rules- Your rental time is for the hour you paid for. Please don't arrive early or leave late in respect to other renters. To ensure privacy of your session remember to lock the front door behind you. 

While you are shooting, if furniture needs to be moved it MUST be picked up not dragged. Dragging the furniture scratches the floor and damages the furniture. When you are finished with you session, make sure all furniture is put away nicely for the next renter, lights shut up and the space is locked up. 

We have had a lot of damages to the space lately, please make sure you are watching children and using common sense & respect while using the space. This will help avoid an increase in rental prices or being charged for incidentals. 

Leaving the studio- Please arm the alarm & put the key back in the lockbox. If another photographers session is right behind you, please hand off the key to them & text us at 801-252-5366 and let us know the key has been handed off. 

Bathroom Codes: 

Women's: 3979

Men's: 3167

We hope you enjoy the space & don't forget to tag @the5thfloorutah, we'd love to see all of your photos! 

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